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Junkers 52 Tante Ju - Page 13

Parachute Operations

As a parachutist (skydiver with 2 560 jumps) I have a certain fascination with parachutes. After looking at the equipment and techniques used by the Axis paratroops there is no doubt that these troops were quite brave. The jump doors on the Ju52 and SM81/82 were small; therefore there was not enough room to get a lot of equipment out of the door. These jumpers were jumping without their rifles and without much ammunition or food. All of their supplies were dropped in canisters and had to be retrieved in the field. Also their parachutes were attached to the harness at ONLY 1 POINT at about the soldier's shoulder blades. That attachment made maneuvers with the parachute completely impossible. The jumpers were totally helpless where they landed. Also note that the jumpers had NO reserve parachute. A main parachute malfunction probably ended in a fatality. I personally made 2 flat circular jumps and even with the slip risers used by American jumpers it was a hairy ride at best AND the rate of descent is scary at about a 10-12 foot drop height. My hat is off to anyone who jumped out of an airplane with Axis equipment and techniques. They were truly brave soldiers....

ju52-001.jpg (22K) Ju52-59f+.jpg (15K) Ju52-19f.jpg (34K) Ju52-19f+.jpg (30K) Ju52-40f.jpg (15K)

Ju52-45f.jpg (24K) Ju52-46f.jpg (37K) Ju52-47f.jpg (36K) Ju52-48f.jpg (40K) Ju52-49f.jpg (14K)

Ju52-58f.jpg (25K) ItalianParatrooperf.jpg (134K) Ju52-121f-s.jpg (126K) Ju52-135f-s.jpg (68K) Ju52-Airborne-Rotterdam-1940f-s.jpg (76K)

Ju52-Fallshcirmf-s.jpg (54K) Ju52-Para1f-s.jpg (44K) Ju52-Para2f-s.jpg (36K) Ju52-Paradrop1f-s.jpg (99K) Ju52-Paradrop2f-s.jpg (55K)

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